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Helping You Break Free From Substance

Abuse and Mental Illnesses

Effective Outpatient Treatments for Mental Illnesses and Addiction Issues

At Sustained Serenity Mental Health, we help our clients develop a recovery life template for relapse prevention and life journey development by way of treatment modality application, genuine care, and support along with a plan for self-sustainment for recovery. We want to assist them become free from the grips of drugs and mental disorders that have been a destructive force in their lives.

To start the treatment, we will do a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and evaluate the most effective approach for you. We will collaborate with you in your goals for sustained better quality of life, assisting you in developing a set of coping skills and a healthy daily regimen that covers the whole week for your consistent need for purposeful living.

If you ready to embark on this journey, please contact us in Greenville, North Carolina for a free consultation.

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