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Recovery can be maintained

Facilitating Long-Term Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery Plans

When you or a loved one needs help in dealing with mental health or addiction issues, get in touch with Sustained Serenity Mental Health in Greenville, North Carolina. We provide effective outpatient treatments for individuals with mental illnesses or substance abuse problems. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect the client with a dedicated therapist to provide an effective treatment experience. We understand that each individual we serve has a need for positive life change with assistance from a highly trained professional who can appropriately apply evidence-based mental health and substance abuse treatment approaches.

Sustained Serenity Mental Health represents an agency that values the quality of care given and the client’s pursuit of better quality of life as a result of a highly evaluated treatment process. Our purpose is also to ultimately equip the client with the recovery tools that when applied, will sustain their recovery after treatment and throughout their lifetime.

Vision Statement​

At Sustained Serenity Mental Health, we envision a community where the need for psychiatric and addiction treatments is met with readily available and consistent extraordinary quality of care. We envision a thriving community in which mental health and substance abuse illnesses are given viable treatments that resonate with the client and their family in a way that sustains the growth effect it has on them and ultimately, the community as a whole.

We see a community that is able to experience the serenity that is afforded with conscientious treatment efforts for lasting recovery.

Why Choose Us

Our approaches ensure that people are not dependent on treatment only. We are also highly experienced in providing longer term
recovery plans.


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National Association of Social Workers


Sustained Serenity Mental Health

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS)

Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS)

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